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When is the latest I can purchase a seat in the next course?

10 days prior to the course start date

We close purchasing options 10 days before the scheduled date of the course. This allows us time to mail out participant workbooks to ensure all participants receive their materials before the course date.

How many people can I sign up for the course?


You can sign up as many participants as you would like. We encourage all NAAA members to become NAAA Damage analysis certified.

How long is the Damage Analysis course?

Two Days (6-7 hrs each day).

The NAAA Damage analysis course is designed to be taught over the course of two days. Each day is typically 6 to 7 hours of classroom time depending on participant questions and comprehension of the course information.

What are the minimum computer requirements for Zoom?

Internet, speaker, microphone, & webcam.

An internet connection - Broadband wired or wireless (3G or 4G/LTE). Speakers and a microphone -built-in or USB plug-in or wireless Bluetooth. A webcam or HD webcam -built-in or USB plug-in or, an HD cam or HD camcorder with a video capture card

Do you conduct on-site training?


With a minimum of 10 participants, we can come out to your location to perform an in-person training.

Are course dates flexible?


Depending on the number of participants we can schedule course dates to accommodate your location's schedule restrictions.

What is included with the Damage Analysis course?

Workbook, reference guide, and certification.

You will receive an in-depth, 80-page participant workbook that integrates with the course, a quick reference guide of all structural components deemed structurally significant by NAAA, and an NAAA damage analysis certification upon completion of the course.

Is the Damage Analysis course strictly two days, or can I spread it out?


The certification course is modular in design so if your scheduling needs require you or your organization to take the course in multiple sections we can accommodate for that. Participant minimums may be required to accommodate a course delivered over multiple days.

Do I walk away from the Damage Analysis course NAAA Damage Analysis Certified?


You will walk away from this course NAAA Damage Analysis Certified. We can't wait to see you there!

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