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Industry Standard Trainings

As industry leaders in vehicle inspections, we are the NAAA Damage Analysis Certification program providers.


"The crew at do a fantastic job of training and educating on all the nuances of a quality inspection. We are big believers in this course and have sent multiple people from our auction in 2023 and have plans to send another 8 this year. The quality we have seen in our inspections has jumped significantly. Our online buyers, as well as the reps of our lease accounts have noticed as well. When you choose to send your staffs through their program you aren’t just spending your money, you are making a great investment!" Kraegen Crago Assistant General Manager

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"I highly recommend the course for any CR writer at any level, as I feel its very important to have a set of standards and guidelines that can make consistency a priority...I’m also glad to say that Bryce and Matt have been an incredible help whenever I’ve had questions since taking the course..."​ Timothy Moore Master Inspector & Trainer

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" offers a very in depth damage analysis course.  The information has been extremely beneficial to the U-Haul team in making sure everyone can be on the same page, as we run vehicles at over 100 auctions nationwide. Its nice having the team at to fall back on when you have damage in question.  You’ll get a timely response and a unbiased opinion. I always suggest this course to anybody. Five Stars from U-Haul!" Adam Laucis Fleet Sales & Purchasing Executive

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In collaboration with the National Auto Auction standards committee, is honored to facilitate numerous industry-standard trainings. 

About us

We provide comprehensive Condition Report, Structural Analysis, and Arbitration training courses designed to provide clarity and consistency in the vehicle inspection and arbitration processes according to NAAA Standards.

Damage Analysis 

2 Day Course

Comprehensive condition report training that encompasses every aspect of the inspection, including structural analysis. 

Structural Analysis

1 Day Course

An emphasis on structural components, damage thresholds, alteration thresholds and disclosure requirements for all. 


1 Day Course

In-depth review of NAAA Arbitration policy, highlighting navigation, application, silent areas, and conflict resolution.

Working With the Best Clients and Partners

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