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Course Topics

From preparation to best practices, we cover it all!

Inspector Preparation

  • Why the inspection matters

  • Recommended tools to complete an accurate inspection

  • Common conditions that require announcements, discovered by the inspector

  • Sales channels you affect as an inspector

  • How arbitration plays a role in the auction industry

Beginning the Inspection

  • Importance of the V.I.N.

  • Year, Make, Model, Sub series

  • Mileage disclosures

  • Disclosing color, color codes, and vehicle wraps

  • Fuel, Engine, Transmission

Different Damages

  • Review over 40 types of damages

  • Common types of repair that would correct that damage

  • Types of damage and the conditions that would require an announcement

  • Consistent identifying verbiage from coast to coast

Interior and Exterior

  • Identify Interior components

  • Identify options

  • Common locations of those components and options

  • Identify Exterior components and what they are made from

  • Common damages that will occur to those interior and exterior components

Structural Damage

  • Significance of Structural damage

  • How structural damage affects occupant safety

  • Discussion of the three structural types

  • Discussion of the four primary bonding methods

  • Extensive coverage of the 19 structural components recognized by NAAA

  • 5 Structural compromising components

  • Exterior indicators that would lead an inspector to look for structural 

  • Specific damages that would require a structural damage announcement

Structural Alteration

  • Identify structural alteration

  • Threshold between structural alteration and damage.

  • Common alterations. 

  • Altered components.

Inspector Best Practices

  • Job requirements

  • Habits of well rounded inspectors

  • Importance of accurate photos, safety, and efficiency with condition reports.

  • Strategies for encountering unique situations

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